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July 8, 2009

Even though Dimitri The Lover is 45 years old, the majority of his conquests are sluts ages 18 to 22. Once properly seduced and enslaved, these dirty young girls will become sexual groupies to any half-decent looking dirty old man. Now that school is out, hot young schoolgirl sluts are stress-free and their sweet, fresh, steamy cunts are drenched in anticipation of summer romances and one night stands. They are bombarded by sex on TV and want to live out the fantasy. They are wandering the streets bored, stoned, and looking for excitement. However, an older guy has to be careful as to HOW he approaches a much younger woman in that he does not want to come across as “creepy”.

Even though it is perfectly legal to seduce young girls, due to feminist agenda-driven, media-inspired social conditioning, most men feel like sexual predators approaching horny, dripping-wet college girls, age 16-25. Feminists discourage this natural evolutionary courtship behaviour because they want to stifle competition from REAL MEN while they themselves attempt to seduce these highly impressionable, budding flowers of sexuality, and subsequently indoctrinate them into a life of bitter, environmental lesbianism. However, it is the biologically calling of all men to seduce and sexually instruct teenage sluts because these nubile nymphettes are all looking for mature, experienced lovers that know more than 3 sexual positions and can hold their wad for longer than 5 minutes.

Furthermore, Dimitri The Lover is a MEDICAL DOCTOR that has studied the incredible health benefits of dining on, then subsequently ejaculating into the cunts of teenage girls. He has found that the greater the number of teenage girls a mature man seduces each week, the higher his energy levels, the stronger his sex drive, the more powerful his erections, the more voluminous his ejaculatory load, and the more youthful the overall glow emanating from his manly being. So in essence, the juices dripping out of a teenage girl’s vulva are nature’s most perfect, yet misunderstood “superfood”. Such appears to be the case because as cunts age, they become bitter, and lose their phermonal health benefits, similar to the way in which overcooked or stale food loses its antioxidant properties.

After much in-depth analysis, The Prophet has hypothesized that, like a vampire requires fresh blood to thrive, men must be exposed to the phermones of teenage girls on a daily basis in order to maintain youth and vitality. Even the mere act of kissing, fondling, or sniffing a teenage girl’s private parts should provide a sufficient phermonal load to produce a desired physiological effect. If we lived in natural times, strong, horny men would just grab schoolgirls in broad daylight, lift up their skirts, pull down their moist panties, and tenderize their veal cutlets with a pound of well-aged and marbled tube steak. It is an evolutionary mechanism that ensures the impregnation of only the freshest young eggs, which possess the least defective DNA, resulting in the subsequent production of the most congenitally normal children.

So the theme of our next TORONTO REAL MEN meeting is “COME TO DADDY”. It will feature Dimitri The Lover lecturing for 3 solid hours on EXACTLY WHERE to find highly suggestible, vulnerable, hot young sluts, EXACTLY WHEN to visit each location to ensure maximum PPSF (Pussy Per Square Foot), and EXACTLY HOW to seduce them in order to maximize FPA (Fuck Per Approach). He will discuss how to detect a vulnerable, precocious young slut, how to approach her using paternal-style authoritarian speech patterns, how to seduce her utilizing powerful complimentary phrases which will differentiate your prey from the rest of her cohort, and how to overcome her initial apprehension regarding intergenerational sex by employing reverse psychology.

Dimitri The Lover will also discuss how to psychologically maneuver younger women into threesomes with friends, relatives, and close girlfriends. He will conduct a case study of two mother-daughter threesomes he was involved in, discussing how he was able to overcome the incest taboo, and form an erotic incestuous love triangle. Younger men will also benefit from the discussion because Dimitri The Lover will help them understand the psychology of girls their own age, and how to mind-fuck them into submission.

REMEMBER: when dealing with teenage sluts, you cannot just use standard seduction methods to get laid. As mentioned earlier, Dimitri The Lover is a trained MEDICAL DOCTOR that has studied seduction for over 15 years, and has employed his vast psychiatric knowledge to develop unique, rapid, highly effective methods. He has thoroughly analyzed young women’s thought patterns and has studied their innate sexual psychology. He has utilized this knowledge to develop an ingenious way to seduce these cock-hungry, dripping wet sluts. You must employ his SPECIFIC PATENTED SCIENTIFIC APPROACH for you to have any chance of achieving rapid, unhindered, condom-free tri-orifice penetration.

SPECIAL BONUS TOPIC: (repeated from May 2009 meeting)

Some of our attendees have expressed irrational concern over the legality of sexually propositioning women who are going about their daily business. In particular, a few months ago while in a coffee shop, one of our members complimented a woman on her stunning ass, and was subsequently reported by her to the police. Uniformed officers showed up, correctly informed him that he had done NOTHING ILLEGAL, but then requested his contact information anyway, as is routine. Even though he had ABSOLUTELY NO LEGAL OBLIGATION TO DO SO BECAUSE HE HAD COMMITTED NO CRIME, he naively provided his name and telephone number. He gave in quicker than a welfare mom after a steak dinner! Therefore, Dimitri The Lover will also review the legalities of what one can and can’t do when accosting a woman. This special legal portion of the lecture will allow you to pursue vulnerable women more aggressively with the complete confidence that you will never contravene any laws. Topics that will help protect your right to keep and bear cock will include:

The last point is important because according to the protocols of the Rasputin Method of Seduction developed by Dimitri The Lover, it is imperative that as much physical contact as possible occur during the initial interaction in order to set the tone for future sessions. Unfortunately, due to absurd, unnatural, feminist-inspired North American laws which run contrary to our natural biological urges, men are restricted from groping women at will. Therefore, touching must be “consensual”. The key is getting women to feel both comfortable and aroused at the thought of being treated like a piece of meat at a slave auction.

Men are often amazed at how Dimitri The Lover is able to convince women he just met on the street and in the shopping mall to be kissed, fondled, and groped. Women are often made to perform 360 degree turns in public in order to be evaluated for physical attributes, including ass-to-waist ratio. Often the visual examination is accompanied by ass slapping, kissing, and pulling back clothing to examine their cleavage and ass crack. Also, Dimitri The Lover finds that in certain situations seduction can be rapidly accelerated by whipping his cock out in the car before going to coffee for the express purpose of showing his prey what’s in store for her after she gulps down her latte!

Therefore, Dimitri The Lover will also review how to QUICKLY AND LEGALLY introduce kissing and touching into your first interaction with a woman. He will outline sneaky ways in which to fondle a woman without making it appear that you are doing so for sexual gratification. Dimitri The Lover will discuss how to deal with objections to being touched by making the woman feel that her physical inhibitions and inconveniently large personal space are due to psychological issues and brainwashing by puritan North American society, rather than free will.

Meeting Announcements

⇒ July 2009