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June 10, 2009

During the last TORONTO REAL MEN meeting, which was proudly dedicated to NATIONAL MASTURBATION MONTH, Dimitri The Lover discussed the various TABOO PICK-UP SPOTS throughout the City of Toronto. One topic that he briefly touched upon was that of venues in which to locate lesbians, lesbian couples, and bisexual women; then subsequently charm, seduce, and enslave them. This month’s meeting will expand on that carpet-munching theme.

Don’t believe the hype—most lesbian “couples” consist of a “butch”, who is the REAL LESBIAN, and a “femme”, who is a CLOSET BISEXUAL, often with some resent toward men. Feminine lesbians are also referred to as “lipstick lesbians”. WITHOUT EXCEPTION ALL “lipstick lesbians” and “femmes” enjoy getting pounded by a REAL COCK, and NOT a “strap-on dildo”. The “femme” needs a regular cock-pounding to be happy, but has usually been denied access to it by her jealous “butch” girlfriend for months, or even YEARS. The “butch” is a poor substitute for a man, lacking the necessary hardware to fully satisfy her “femme”. The goal is convincing the insecure, penis envy-filled “butch” that your inclusion in their lovemaking will paradoxically strengthen the relationship and make the “femme” LESS LIKELY to run off with a man (which is the “butch’s” greatest fear).

So the theme of our next TORONTO REAL MEN meeting is “COME ON, LEZ BE FRIENDS!”. It will feature Dimitri The Lover lecturing for 3 solid hours on EXACTLY WHERE to find highly suggestible, vulnerable lesbians, lesbian couples, and bisexual women, EXACTLY WHEN to visit each location to ensure maximum PPSF (Pussy Per Square Foot), and EXACTLY HOW to approach the local carpet-munching sluts in a manner that allows you to capitalize on the “butch’s” psychologically weak state by appearing to be genuinely concerned for her plight, whilst simultaneously taking advantage of it, thereby maximizing FPA (Fuck Per Approach).

Dimitri The Lover will discuss the following topics:

There are dozens of other topics that will be discussed by The Prophet. Due to the controversial, offensive, borderline obscene nature of this meeting, we warn any men and women that are easily offended to steer clear of the venue.

REMEMBER: when dealing with lesbians, you cannot just use standard seduction methods to get laid. Dimitri The Lover is a trained MEDICAL DOCTOR that has studied seduction for over 15 years, and has employed his vast psychiatric knowledge to develop unique, rapid, highly effective methods. He has thoroughly analyzed lesbian thought patterns and has studied their innate sexual psychology. He has utilized this knowledge to develop an ingenious way to seduce these cock-deficient sluts. You must employ his SPECIFIC PATENTED SCIENTIFIC APPROACH for you to have any chance of achieving rapid, unhindered, condom-free tri-orifice penetration.


Some of our attendees have expressed the desire to seduce their wife/girlfriend/lover that falsely identifies herself as “heterosexual”, into MFF threesomes with full lesbian action. All feminine women are bisexual, but often these sluts falsely identify themselves as heterosexual, and need to be psychologically manipulated into their first lesbian experience in order to break the mental block which was originally placed there by social, familial, or religious conditioning. Even when one brings up the fact that watching women going down on one other in porn gets these sluts off, they are still in total denial of their bisexuality. Therefore, this part of the meeting will review ADVANCED BISEXUALIZATION PROTOCOL in painstaking detail. Topics will include:


It is a virtually unknown fact within the scientific community that a significant percentage of lesbians actually cannot stand being around women for anything other than brief sexual gratification. They find the idea of walking down the street holding hands with other women silly. They don’t want to go shopping or out to brunch with other women. They don’t want to live with them in a matrimonial situation. Instead, they want to eat pussy, and have the slut leave immediately thereafter. They think like men. Interestingly, these “penisless men” tend to be much more intelligent than mainstream lesbians; and their sexual fantasies are far more intricate. Also, many of these lesbians are misogynists that are thrilled by the idea of abusing women, i.e. fantasies like watching a pretty young slut get gangraped or pissed upon are quite common.

Furthermore, when this type of lesbian watches gangbang porn, she will usually identify with the men rather than the slut getting pounded like a piece of schnitzel. In a real life situation, this type of lesbian will often want to wear a strap-on dildo and join the gangbangers in the act. And you will notice that after she fastens on the dildo, without consciously realizing it, she will begin stroking it as if it were HER OWN COCK, because subconsciously she is identifying herself as a male! Dimitri The Lover is the first seduction researcher in the world to document the phenomenon of lesbians who basically consider themselves “a man born without a penis”. They objectify women like a man does, prefer men over women as friends, and cannot stand being around women for longer than a couple of hours at a time. What is even more remarkable is that they ACTUALLY PREFER TO BE IN RELATIONSHIPS WITH MEN !!! Often they choose extremely dominant men who take on a “daddy” role in the relationship, so it becomes less of a mainstream matrimonial thing and more of a “daddy wants me to eat pussy” situation. Interestingly, the fathers of these women are usually emotionally abusive and/or controlling.

These women are usually closeted within the quasi-Orwellian lesbian community, fearful that their lesbian sisters may become privy to the fact that they cannot fathom the thought of being in a relationship with any of them. Or in the alternative, they are closeted within the heterosexual community, not wanting their husbands/boyfriends to know the full extent of their desire to munch carpet. Even though this type of lesbian almost exclusively prefers the sexual pleasure of being with women (with the only male-female sex she enjoys being that with the man she loves), she will falsely identify herself as “bisexual”. Nonetheless, women in the latter community enjoy polygamous and polygamorous relationships, often dragging their elated husbands/boyfriends around to swingers’ clubs in order to hunt for cute young bisexual sluts to fulfill their intense lesbian needs. These types of lesbians make the PERFECT WIFE for a polygamous man in that they are sexual predators with a constant craving for cunt, often with an appetite for much younger women, and rarely get jealous when their husband is leering at hot young sluts as they are walking hand-in-hand. This type of male-female relationship is even more sexually charged than that of a male-male couple!

To help demonstrate this phenomenon, Dimitri The Lover has invited a SPECIAL GUEST to attend this meeting. She is a CLOSET LESBIAN that up until age 33 identified herself as a “bi-curious heterosexual”. That all changed when she experienced the pleasure of carpet-munching for the first time, with assistance from another slut from Dimitri The Lover’s vast bisexual slut pool. She now identifies herself as “bisexual” and is BEGGING The Prophet for more beaver. Thus, he has now sexually enslaved her to do his bidding in exchange for the sloppy vulvar seconds he tosses her way. She has also agreed to be interviewed by the attendees regarding her sexuality, how she was initially seduced by Dimitri The Lover within a couple of hours of meeting, and how her girlfriends are all dying to be approached by aggressive men (but all they get is stares from horny guys, the odd compliment like “you have nice hair”, and absolutely no follow-through).

Meeting Announcements

⇒ June 2009