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March 10, 2010



AND NOW ON TO OUR MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT! Please patiently read the ENTIRE DOCUMENT. The Prophet took a lot of time to formulate his thoughts whilst creating it. Though most of the psychosocial analysis contained herein makes reference to The United States, the impact of these social upheavals is being felt throughout the entire western world. At first it may appear that what you are reading has nothing to do with GETTING LAID, and at points the thought process may seem to ramble on aimlessly or veer off on disjointed or tangential paths. However, we promise that it will make sense from a seduction perspective, provided once again that you read the ENTIRE DOCUMENT

Most of us have been conditioned to equate our sense of SELF-WORTH to our NET WORTH and equate our PERSONAL VALUE to our SALARY. In addition, we are constantly bombarded by advertising which sells consumption as the true path to happiness. Since all but a small handful of enlightened people have bought into these lies, recessions have very devastating psychological consequences for both the general population and our collective consciousness. Nonetheless, even though he has been through many recessions, Dimitri The Lover finds this one different … VERY DIFFERENT!

The world population is in a state of gradually worsening generalized anxiety and fear of losing everything near and dear to them. They no longer trust persons and things that were once considered reliable even under the worst of circumstances. At times this fear boils over into attacks of panic. Why are people in such a heightened state of IRRATIONAL FEAR? It is part of the societal enslavement master plan of the NEW WORLD ORDER. The reason why these despicable oligarchs have aggressively stepped up the fear mongering over the last decade is because they themselves live in fear of the power wielded by the ONE AND ONLY entity that can thwart their diabolical scheme and hangs over them like the SWORD OF DAMOCLES: THE INTERNET! Similar to the DOOMSDAY SCENARIO in the film THE TERMINATOR, in which an organized network of military supercomputers insidiously gangs up on mankind, THE INTERNET of today has grown so massive, so all-encompassing, and so totally outside of the scope of governmental control, that it has become a pen more powerful than the combined force of all the NEW WORLD ORDER’s swords and guns! Furthermore, the illusion-filled pen of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is running dry.

Is it any coincidence that over the last few months, world governments under direction of the NEW WORLD ORDER have pushed hard to “regulate”, “censor”, and “monitor” this final bastion of free speech, under various anemically contrived guises, such as protecting us from “child pornography”, “terrorism” and “hate speech”? Unbeknownst to most of you, right now THOUGHT CRIME LAWS requiring ISP’s to BLOCK web sites that contain “offensive” material are being legislated worldwide. Fines for contravening these laws are so massive that most cowardly, cash-strapped ISP’s are opting to liberally interpret the word “offensive” and arbitrarily take down ANY web site that is even REMOTELY anti-establishment in its nature. For example, on the morning of February 9, 2010, Alex Jones’ controversial anti-NEW WORLD ORDER sites and were blocked by a popular ISP in New Zealand due to a new INTERNET CENSORSHIP LAW, only to be unblocked a few hours later, after a flood of complaints. However, the “Canaries in the Coal Mine” so to speak were the U.K.-based owners of, who fled to The United States to seek political asylum after being charged with using their web site to “incite hate”. The U.K. convicted them in absentia while they sat for 3 months in an American jail awaiting their asylum hearing. The web site is still up because it is hosted in The United States without issue, protected under America’s tenuous “free speech” laws. But paradoxically, the same United States that protected their right to maintain their site, finally denied them asylum, and deported them back to the U.K., where they are now serving LENGTHY JAIL SENTENCES! Even more hypocritical: the same American judge that denied them asylum, granted it to an IRA terrorist who participated in the brutal beating, stripping, and murder of two police officers!

To accomplish their world enslavement goals the NEW WORLD ORDER must control the SLAVE TRIANGLE which is composed of the BANKS (specifically the privately-owned, greedy, evil FEDERAL RESERVE), major world GOVERNMENTS, and the MEDIA. One can directly correlate this trilateral structure to that of the FREUDIAN TRIANGLE, by extrapolating that BANKS = MONEY, GOVERNMENT = POWER, and MEDIA = SEX (the latter is not a far stretch since the two entities have commonality in vanity & attention-seeking behaviour). The NEW WORLD ORDER now controls over 90% of MAINSTREAM MEDIA worldwide. Unfortunately for them, THE FIFTH ESTATE, primarily THE INTERNET, has been severely & repeatedly fucking up their decades-old enslavement plans. Here are just some of the DOOMSDAY PHENOMENA recently marketed by the NEW WORLD ORDER to a psychologically defeated human population, that were quickly revealed to be PATHOLOGICAL LIES through reliable information disseminated on THE INTERNET, and are now considered totally without merit and fucking laughable by any intelligent human being:

But let’s give credit to these aristocratic psychopaths when credit is due! Over the last decade the NEW WORLD ORDER scored several successful major geopolitical coups:

THE INTERNET has since illuminated these purported truths as being TOTAL LIES, but has not completely dismantled the cognitive dissonance associated with them. People of BORDERLINE INTELLIGENCE, which make up the vast majority of the world’s population and the majority of gun owners in The United States, are only now beginning to doubt their overlords. This populist anti-establishment movement has not yet gained enough traction to make it a truly viable threat to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Nonetheless, THE INTERNET is hurting them financially in that it deters NEW WORLD ORDER-controlled OLIGOPOLIES from raising prices because they must now compete for consumer dollars with online mom & pop retailers worldwide. Furthermore, THE INTERNET permits entrepreneurs to operate beyond the auspices of the traditional consumer system by allowing them to establish businesses with minimal need for BANK LOANS for START-UP CAPITAL, and market their products and services without paying astronomical advertising dollars to the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

Playing the DOOMSDAY CARD on a highly impressionable world population allows one to intimidate them into giving up their rights and freedoms. Weapons confiscation through “GUN CONTROL” under the guise of “preventing gun crime” was beginning to gain traction after decades of NEW WORLD ORDER-concocted “racial and drug violence” wore down a murder-weary American population. But the brakes have been put on gun control bills after RON PAUL and the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT harnessed THE INTERNET to spread their message of freedom. Unfortunately, the corrupt right-wing political establishment fought back by “poisoning the well” of the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT with ultra-right wing & religious nut jobs like SARAH PALIN, GLENN BECK, and RUSH LIMBAUGH. As an aside, one of the key tactics these ILLUMINATI SCUMBAGS utilize to advance diabolical schemes is the old “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”—their media lies keep us too busy fighting one other based on sex, race, politics, and illicit drug use, to notice who the true enemy of the human race really is: our NEW WORLD ORDER OVERLORDS! Finally, keeping The United States in perpetual recession while the military entices poverty-stricken youth into service for immoral overseas wars, is far more palatable from a public relations perspective than all out conscription.

Anyway, now that we understand the motivation behind WHY irrational fear is being spread through the NEW WORLD ORDER-controlled MAINSTREAM MEDIA, let us now look at the IMPACT of this irrational fear and how a MAN WHORE can capitalize on it to FUCK HOT SLUTS!

Most single females have now developed a FEAR OF DYING ALONE and are desperate to jump into a “relationship” with any half-decent man with a pulse. Why? Because the newest fear mongering ploy of the NEW WORLD ORDER is that the world is coming to an end in 2012! Just like they did with totally overblown Y2K, keeping us hyper-vigilant toward a very non-specific, intangible annihilation threat during that two year window gives the NEW WORLD ORDER just enough time amongst the ensuing confusion to ensure that their enslavement master plan regains traction. But here is the double-edged sword: this fictional annihilation fear has backfired against the NEW WORLD ORDER because one of the consequences of this impending doom scenario is that females are beginning to wake up from their FEMINISM-INDUCED NIGHTMARE and are now realizing that being a FEMINIST BALL-BUSTING WORKFORCE CUNT is not helping them score a quality man and will NEVER make them happy!

Think of MALES as PACK ANIMALS, who cooperate while hunting together, bonded by an alpha-male hierarchy, whereas FEMALES are HERD ANIMALS, meant to be rounded up and domesticated (so a man’s HAREM is in essence his HERD). Female chattel desperate to find a mate before Armageddon arrives, is starting to break free from the NEW WORLD ORDER-created FEMINAZI herd mentality. You can find these confused tri-orificed strays wandering around in all major urban centres as they await rescue & domestication by any worthy NON-METROSEXUALIZED MAN that crosses their path (the Star Trek analogy would be a disoriented warrior separated from The Borg Collective). For example, the High Priestess of The Church of Dimitri of Latter Day Sluts was lost in the working world for over a decade before being rescued & domesticated by Dimitri The Lover. She is now is a happy, cum-gobbling, meal-cooking, housework-toiling housewife hottie that partakes in regular MFF threesomes with him! Colette’s harrowing escape from the clutches of CONSUMERISM and FEMINAZISM have been told by her many a time at our TORONTO REAL MEN meetings. Furthermore, the fact that most “feminist” bookstores are shutting down worldwide and now the 36 year old Toronto Women’s Bookstore is near bankruptcy, is further evidence of the imminent death of evolutionarily non-sequitur feminist doctrine.

Unfortunately, females no longer interact with men in socially natural ways. The following phenomena are just some of the culprits …

Therefore, most females are in a vulnerable psychological state because all of this psychosocial brainwashing has made them HIGHLY SUGGESTIBLE TO ORDERS FROM AUTHORITY FIGURES. However, most men cannot take advantage of these effortless vaginal pickings because they have been PSYCHOLOGICALLY & CHEMICALLY CASTRATED! Sadly, these SHE-MEN do not possess the aggressiveness and general lack of shame needed to capitalize on the situation. You can find a detailed analysis of this CASTRATION PHENOMENON in our AUGUST 2009 MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT, but some elements of the psychological component include promotion of the following counter-evolutionary, non-masculine concepts …

Interestingly, sexual frustration makes men more violent. However, North American men are discouraged from aggressively pursuing REAL SEX due to concern for absurd, unnatural, feminist-inspired “sexual assault” laws and irrational fear of venereal diseases. Instead, men are encouraged to quell their violent tendencies artificially through sports, video games, “working out”, and alcohol/drug consumption. These facts, combined with being conditioned to embrace “non-violence” in real life and most men feeling too privileged to risk prison, is what keeps North American males from rioting in the same way their non-emasculated European brothers do!

There are also unhealthy, counter-evolutionary phenomena which are common to both males and females. These include …

The last point is very important and one of the few times we agree with Tom Cruise and the Scientologists. Many females cannot reach orgasm and many men cannot achieve erections because of widespread consumption of addictive, toxic, clinically useless anti-depression and anti-anxiety medications. For example, in 2006, Americans (6% of the world's population) consumed 66% of the world's supply of antidepressants! In 2002, more than 13% of Americans were taking Prozac! Anti-anxiety drugs, such as Zoloft, are so widely prescribed that in 2005, the $3.1 billion sales of Zoloft exceeded those for Tide detergent!

A large percentage of people taking PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATIONS are doing so NOT because they are depressed or anxious, but rather to deal with the moral conflicts that have arisen from the erosion of the state of cognitive dissonance they have been in for such a long time. For example, instead of TIGER WOODS’ WIFE just accepting that he is a NORMAL HORNY MAN who was merely exhibiting NORMAL MALE BEHAVIOUR, she bought into his “SEX ADDICTION” bullshit, and she likely went on PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATIONS to cope with the shock of no longer being able to maintain her self-delusion regarding the existence of male monogamy. What TIGER WOODS did that was IMMORAL was CONCEALING the penetration of hundreds of orifices from his wife, rather than being up front about wanting to be a NORMAL HORNY MAN! Even though his wife is beautiful, you can tell that she is a cold asexual bitch. TIGER WOODS needed hot cock-hungry sluts to feel like a REAL MAN! Also, at one time morality was individual, but it now consists of mandatory conservative personal & sexual behaviour. How can one comprehend morality when Bill Clinton LYING about a blow job is an impeachable CRIME, whereas Bush & Cheney TORTURING prisoners, LYING about Iraq, KILLING over 4,000 U.S. soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, is considered NO BIG DEAL!

But the world is not all doom and gloom. Something exciting is happening which will help you to dramatically increase your orifice penetration rate, provided you know how to recognize and capitalize on it. REAL MEN are rising to the occasion. Some are building anti-NEW WORLD ORDER blogs. Some are arming themselves. Some are refusing to submit to materialism. Some are dropping out of consumer society all together. Many men are starting to gauge their self-worth by turning inward rather than seeking external gratification. Many are leaving PATHETIC FEMINISTS and FAGGY METROSEXUALS behind. But most importantly, all the resourceful ones are leveraging the current economic and social collapse to GET LAID FAST!

A man could wait a few years for society (and with it law enforcement) to completely break down, then RAPE AT WILL the objects of his desire, without repercussions. However, there is a more immediate and “legal” way in which to capitalize on the above societal breakdown, well-before it reaches complete systemic decimation. The key is to psychologically overpower tri-orificed beings while they are in a VULNERABLE, HIGHLY SUGGESTIBLE STATE, in the same way that the NEW WORLD ORDER does, by utilizing a sinister phenomenon invented half a century ago. It has been used to create mass insecurity and reliance upon an ultimate FATHER FIGURE. This state is achieved through the expert wielding of the greatest modern-day instrument of terror: POP PSYCHOLOGY!

POP PSYCHOLOGY arose from the ashes of Nazi Germany, where due to highly calculated media brainwashing, the entire population willingly submitted to a single FATHER FIGURE. People bonded through racial purity and worshipped ADOLF HITLER as their FATHER FIGURE. Lessons learned from WWII by the NEW WORLD ORDER allowed them to morph this propaganda-based control into ADVICE COLUMNS, TV PROGRAMS, MASS ADVERTISING, etc. Other than the Cold War nuclear threat, initially the propaganda was de-escalated from fear-based Nazism into insecurity & membership-based corporate soft fascism. However, today the insecurity has been re-escalated back into its original fear-based form. ADOLF HITLER has been replaced by OPRAH WINFREY and DR. PHIL. Xenophobia has been replaced by irrational fear of growing old, developing cancer, spouse cheating, job loss, catching HIV, etc. And instead of calling our leaders THE FUHRER, we have been conditioned to refer to them as “EXPERTS” or “NEW AGE GURUS”. We naïvely accept they were born with a higher purpose and they are so much better, smarter, and moral than us, that we could never even dare dream of challenging them, or heaven forbid, achieving their state of infallibility!

These NEW AGE GURUS compete for control of the minds & pocketbooks of the general population directly with the leaders of SINGLE DIETY RELIGIONS, the most notorious of which are the CHRISTIAN TELEVANGELISTS. Those of BORDERLINE & LOWER INTELLIGENCE tend to migrate toward “RELIGION” because it is relatively easy to understand, takes little work, and gives them a naïve feeling of safety both amongst numbers and under the watchful eye of a loving, yet violent & temperamental “GOD”. Those of HIGH INTELLIGENCE reject all forms of control, proudly declare themselves ATHEISTS, and do whatever the fuck they want, whenever the fuck they want, provided they feel they are not hurting anyone in the process.

However, it is those of AVERAGE TO SLIGHLY ABOVE AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE (often referred to collectively as the “MIDDLE CLASS”) that are the sweet spot for NEW AGE GURUS. These people consider themselves too technically advanced & “educated” to accept RELIGION & MYSTICISM at face value. However, the latter is often incorporated into NEW AGE teachings under the guise of “SPIRITUALISM”, with the most highly impressionable of these people also believing in preposterous notions like “channeling”, “séances”, “tarot/palm readings” and “past lives”. Some members of this group tend to ask a lot of questions but because of massive self-doubt, rarely offer up any of their own independent opinions. They are often PSYCHOTROPICALLY MEDICATED. They rarely accept objective feedback with open minds, instead resorting to passive-aggressive behaviour when boldly confronted about indiscretions or poor work performance. Most white collar “MIDDLE MANGEMENT” is composed of these types of people. Furthermore, members of the MIDDLE CLASS are often too proud to admit to one another that they know nothing about something, in order to maintain status within their own communities, by projecting a false air of omniscience. Sluts within this group are also the type that Dimitri The Lover finds are the easiest to manipulate into bed, primarily because they always THINK they know more than they really do, and will never dare to admit any lack of understanding when fed a few carefully-chosen NEW AGE-STYLE “SOUND BITES”, followed by an authoritarian-sounding call to sexual action.

The MIDDLE CLASS follows the teachings of NEW AGE GURUS as if they were ROCK STARS! One of the biggest opportunists of all is DEEPAK CHOPRA with his Hindu meditation bandwagon. Give us a fucking break! Also, do you really think that DR. OZ‘s name is a coincidence? Why did OPRAH choose this particular snake oil salesman for her show? I’ll tell you why: because Dorothy’s only hope to make it home and achieve everlasting peace and tranquility was to trek down that yellow brick road to THE LAND OF OZ! Coincidence? Furthermore, DR. OZ having the credentials of a physician allows these spirit thieves to sprinkle just enough POP PSYCHOLOGY and PSEUDOSCIENCE into their snake oil recipe to make the psychologically deadly concoction SEEM to be based on fact and proven science, rather than just noxious hocus pocus!

BTW, if you are seeking “THE TRUTH” regarding your existence, just look BETWEEN YOUR LEGS! Your true purpose is to penetrate and ejaculate into as many orifices as humanly possible! If you are still having trouble accepting that, we want you to do a mental exercise (kind of like those the NEW AGE GURUS like to do with their TV audiences). OK, here goes: we want you to go out and buy some marijuana and munchies (without MSG or Fructose). Roll a joint then jerk off as many times as you can (to the point of exhaustion). Then we want you to smoke the joint until you are stoned. Then, while eating your munchies, we want you to read every one of our MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS, saving this particular one for LAST. Then go to sleep. We guarantee that upon awakening the next morning, your manly hard drive will restart in safe mode and your soul will be filled with the spirit of The Prophet!

Both males and females have become so insecure and lack such confidence in their ability to make decisions for themselves that they must now turn to the “SELF-DECLARED EXPERTS” before doing anything! So, if you want to GET LAID FAST the goal is to transform yourself into a “NEW AGE GURU” in the eyes of women. The goal is for YOU to become the ULTIMATE FATHER FIGURE! If ADOLF HITLER, OPRAH, DR. PHIL, DEEPAK CHOPRA, and DR. OZ could do it for millions of people, you can surely do it ONE SLUT AT A TIME!

But to be fair, unlike these NEW AGE FUHRERS, ADOLF HITLER had two major advantages when he rose to power. Firstly, he was propped up financially by money funneled to him by NEW WORLD ORDER-controlled WORLD BANKERS. Secondly, and more importantly, Germans psychologically coped with their post-WWI reparation-related social and economic collapse by resorting to sexual depravity in the form of SUBMISSION & DOMINATION and SADOMASOCHISM! Thirdly, almost everyone in Germany between the two world wars was participating in the fetish movement. Therefore, sexual depravity was HUGE at the time that HITLER entered politics. He ingeniously capitalized on it by creating awesome fetishy uniforms and giving aggressive, domineering speeches that could only be improved upon today if they were followed by a RAMMSTEIN CONCERT!

So the theme of our next TORONTO REAL MEN meeting is “CLOSE YOUR EYES & LET ME TAKE YOU TO A BETTER PLACE!” It will feature Dimitri The Lover lecturing for 3 solid hours on WHERE to find sluts who are victims of the ECONOMIC & SOCIAL COLLAPSE and HOW to approach them in a manner that evokes concern for their plight yet simultaneously takes advantage of it. Dimitri The Lover will teach you how to DETECT sluts who suffer from spiritual deficiencies & live in fear of the future, CHARM them by employing an approach which capitalizes on their highly impressionable psychological state, SEDUCE them through the utilization of proven techniques that he has developed over time, then sexually ENSLAVE them via the field deployment of MAGICAL GURU-LIKE THOUGHT PROTOCOLS which will portray you as both their saviour and a conduit to their sexual salvation and renewal. By the time you are done with these sluts they will be convinced that your intervention will take them to a safer, happier, more tranquil place, provided they surrender themselves to you, a MODERN-DAY JOSEPH SMITH!

BONUS SEGMENT: Dimitri The Lover will review how to LOCATE & SEDUCE recently jobless, financially destitute sluts in a segment lovingly entitled “LET THEM EAT COCK!” This part of the meeting will include such topics as how to infiltrate welfare & unemployment offices, and how to use reverse psychology to capitalize on a slut’s financial distress.

Now before you fault us for exploiting the suffering of jobless sluts, understand that today’s high rate of unemployment is directly due to these job-stealing whores entering the workforce in the first place. The NEW WORLD ORDER created the “FEMINIST MOVEMENT” in the 60’s as part of their diabolical scheme to lower the intrinsic value of the goods and services produced by individual male workers, thereby emasculating them, lowering their self-esteem, and preventing them from rising up and overthrowing the neo-fascist dictatorship. Subsequently, unattractive, moustached females that had zero chance of scoring quality men teamed up with man-hating elements of the lesbian community, to take the helm of this burgeoning misandrous movement. In 1970, 40% of U.S. females were in the workforce, mostly part-time. White, non-immigrant American females entered the workforce only in times of urgent family need, i.e. divorce, husband died, was ill, unemployed, or deserted his family. Then, as part of a NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY, the FEDERAL RESERVE created hyperinflation in the early 1970’s by going off the gold standard & printing money to fund the Vietnam War (which was started after a false flag operation in the Gulf of Tonkin). Because of this erosion in the value of money combined with materialistic hoarding, by 2008, 75 percent of U.S. females were in the workforce out of necessity, and most of them full-time. The combination of selfish material greed, lowered sex drive from overwork-related fatigue, & the erosion of the family unit, led to low birth rates across the entire western world, thereby fulfilling the NEW WORLD ORDER’s plans for global depopulation.

Females working outside the home improved the standard of living for many families, but did not compensate families for lost white male wages. Females’ wage work imposes not only the expenses of additional clothing and transportation, but also the costs of purchasing the goods & services that females previously produced at home free of charge, such as cooking, mending, cleaning, shopping, & child care. These crucial goods & services become expensive after being commoditized in the marketplace. calculated that if a stay-at-home mom in The United States were replaced by paid domestic products & services, it would cost $122,732 per year. The domestic products produced & services rendered by a mom working outside the home would cost $76,184 per year.

So as far as we are concerned, if you are an unemployed female that cannot afford to pay your rent or buy groceries, you had better go on a diet, slut yourself up, and the next time a horny guy stares at you, smile, wink, coax him over, go home with him, and SPREAD YOUR FUCKING LEGS! Then, no matter how much he “cheats” on you or how substandard his “grooming” is, hang on to this COCK-WIELDING MEAL TICKET like he is your last hope for survival! FUCK FEMINAZI INDEPENDENCE! Also, females of average looks that wait in hopes of being accosted by a rich man who looks like a movie star, almost always approach age 40 and settle for ANY GUY WITH ANY JOB & ALL HIS TEETH! As for the rich stud, well guess what … HE DOESN’T WANT YOU!!! “Mike from accounting” is the one that really yearns for you and will make you eternally happy. Sure, he may only make $39K a year and may look like he hasn’t showered in a week, but that’s what a girlfriend is for … to teach him about soap and water! Trust me, you will find any average looking man just as attractive as a Hollywood hunk after you’ve cleaned him up and hung around him long enough to grow to love him. And as for his salary … that’s why you are unhappy in the first place you MATERIALISTIC CUNT! STOP HOARDING USELESS CRAP MADE IN CHINA !!!

Finally, let’s address one recent news story not directly related to this announcement, but important from a seduction perspective nonetheless: a study that showed AUTISM was related to childhood vaccinations is now being called FRAUDULENT! Maybe it is a fake, or maybe the evil vaccine manufacturers are fighting to suppress it. But one thing is for sure: Dimitri The Lover knows the top reason why there are so many AUTISTIC KIDS being born today. It is simple. GEEKS ARE SHY. You might even call them BORDERLINE AUTISTIC PEOPLE. In pre-internet times, courtship was natural and in person. Out in the real world two shy people would rarely ever meet, let alone socially interact & mate, because neither would ever make the first move. A shy male or female would instead rely upon a more outgoing member of the opposite sex to approach them. Therefore, the SHYNESS GENE would rarely be expressed in DOMINANT AUTISTIC FORM. Even when matchmaking was performed by families, street smart elders would never pair up two shy people because they knew that at least one outgoing person was required for the family to survive in the community. For example, the outgoing one would drag the shy one out of the home to boring family functions. Then along came THE INTERNET. Now SHY GEEKS could post online profiles without having to build up the nerve to speak in person to the opposite sex. They would slowly build up a rapport with one another, cautiously meet after a few weeks to compare iPhone Apps, bond, marry, and produce AUTISTIC BABIES! Dimitri The Lover’s theory is confirmed by the fact that the AUTISM RATE in SILICON VALLEY is 3x that of the U.S. national average.

Meeting Announcements

⇒ March 2010