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May 13, 2009

During each TORONTO REAL MEN meeting Dimitri The Lover reviews the various pick-up spots throughout the city of Toronto and surrounding suburbs in which one will always find sexy, easy, desperately underfucked sluts. However, there are certain venues which Dimitri The Lover has never had the audacity to suggest. These TABOO PICK-UP SPOTS are so teeming with vulnerable and highly suggestible sluts, it seems almost unfair to utilize Dimitri The Lover’s powerful seduction protocols to seduce them. Well … ALMOST!

So the theme of our next TORONTO REAL MEN meeting is “HORNY AND SHAMELESS”. It will feature Dimitri The Lover lecturing for 3 solid hours on EXACTLY WHERE to find highly suggestible, vulnerable sluts, EXACTLY WHEN to visit each TABOO PICK-UP SPOT to ensure maximum PPSF (Pussy Per Square Foot), and EXACTLY HOW to approach the local sluts in a manner that allows you to capitalize on their psychologically weak state by appearing to be genuinely concerned for their plight, whilst simultaneously taking advantage of it. The goal is to achieve rapid, unhindered, condom-free tri-orifice penetration within an hour of meeting. Dimitri The Lover will review in painstaking detail the location of every TABOO PICK-UP SPOT in the city. He will also reveal which customized approach to use for each specific venue in order to ensure maximum FPA (Fuck Per Approach).

These TABOO PICK-UP SPOTS contain extra-vulnerable tri-orificed prey, so like commencing at “Level 1” on a videogame, they are highly recommended for men who have not yet developed solid seduction acumen. Sluts frequenting these venues are more naïve than the wife of a senator who claims his foot “accidentally” nudged that of the undercover cop in the bathroom stall next to him.

Dimitri The Lover will provide both PPSF and FPA ratings for each TABOO PICK-UP SPOT and give specifics on the type of sexual action a man with the right set of seduction tools is guaranteed to score by hunting at each bastion of beaver. He will teach you how to covertly weasel your way into each venue and blend into the local crowd. He will also teach you how to capitalize on the social and psychological upheaval many of these sluts are facing while confined to the respective venue. None of these sluts want to be sequestered there, and will view your sensual intervention as welcome relief from the boredom and/or psychological trauma they are experiencing. Specifically, Dimitri The Lover will customize approach and conversation points to capitalize on the sexual attributes and the state of suggestibility of the slut in each TABOO PICK-UP SPOT, including:

There are dozens more TABOO PICK-UP SPOTS that will be reviewed at the meeting. REMEMBER: you can’t just attend one of these venues then use standard seduction methods to get laid. Dimitri The Lover is a trained MEDICAL DOCTOR that has studied seduction for over 15 years and has employed his vast psychiatric knowledge to develop unique, rapid, highly effective methods. He has thoroughly analyzed these venues, and has developed an ingenious way to seduce sluts in each of them. You must employ his SPECIFIC PATENTED APPROACH for you to have any chance of achieving rapid, unhindered, condom-free tri-orifice penetration.

Furthermore, these sluts would normally NEVER be approached in the TABOO PICK-UP SPOTS that Dimitri The Lover will unveil, so their guards are totally down, and they have little time to block your sexual advances by morphing into “Uptight North American Feminist Cunt” mode. Therefore, they are exceptionally vulnerable to the right set of seduction lines … provided they are delivered as smoothly and with as straight a face as a major league baseball player denying steroid abuse during a news conference. Also, your approach will come across as totally random and sincere in that these ROMANTICALLY SHELL-SHOCKED SLUTS would never believe that any sane man would dare to breach the protocol of the suggested venue by infiltrating it under false pretences, then soliciting a sexual rendezvous; thereby making each of them feel exceptional. They will be shocked that you are propositioning them, yet simultaneously so flattered and in such admiration of your bravery and audacity, they will often spread their legs faster than a hot single teen mom after the creepy guy next door buys her kids a round of McDonald’s Happy Meals!

SPECIAL BONUS: Some of our attendees have expressed irrational concern over the legality of sexually propositioning women who are going about their day to day business. In particular, a couple of months ago while in a coffee shop, one of our members complimented a woman on her stunning ass, and was subsequently reported by her to the police. Uniformed officers showed up, correctly informed him that he had done NOTHING ILLEGAL, but then requested his contact information anyway, as is routine. Even though he had ABSOLUTELY NO LEGAL OBLIGATION TO DO SO BECAUSE HE HAD COMMITTED NO CRIME, he naively provided his name and telephone number. He gave in quicker than a welfare mom after a steak dinner! Therefore, Dimitri The Lover will also review the legalities of what one can and can’t do when accosting a woman. This special legal portion of the lecture will allow you to pursue vulnerable women more aggressively with the complete confidence that you will never contravene any laws. Topics that will help protect your right to keep and bear cock will include:

The last point is important because according to the protocols of the Rasputin Method of Seduction developed by Dimitri The Lover, it is imperative that as much physical contact as possible occur during the initial interaction in order to set the tone for future sessions. Unfortunately, due to absurd, unnatural, feminist-inspired North American laws which run contrary to our natural biological urges, men are restricted from groping women at will. Therefore, touching must be “consensual”. The key is getting women to feel both comfortable and aroused at the thought of being treated like a piece of meat at a slave auction.

Men are often amazed at how Dimitri The Lover is able to convince women he just met on the street and in the shopping mall to be kissed, fondled, and groped. Women are often made to perform 360 degree turns in public in order to be evaluated for physical attributes, including ass-to-waist ratio. Often the visual examination is accompanied by ass slapping, kissing, and pulling back clothing to examine their cleavage and ass crack. Also, Dimitri The Lover finds that in certain situations seduction can be rapidly accelerated by whipping his cock out in the car before going to coffee for the express purpose of showing his prey what’s in store for her after she gulps down her latte!

Therefore, Dimitri The Lover will also review how to QUICKLY AND LEGALLY introduce kissing and touching into your first interaction with a woman. He will outline sneaky ways in which to fondle a woman without making it appear that you are doing so for sexual gratification. Dimitri The Lover will discuss how to deal with objections to being touched by making the woman feel that her physical inhibitions and inconveniently large personal space are due to psychological issues and brainwashing by puritan North American society, rather than free will.

Meeting Announcements

⇒ May 2009